Hall of Fame Mixed Martial Artist Silvana Shamuon Trains Mitchell Hooper for His Upcoming Fight

2023 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Mitchell Hooper is training for his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut against 2017 WSM champion Eddie Hall. Hall picked up boxing after his retirement from competitive strongman, giving Hall a slight experience advantage in the octagon over Hooper for their bout in Qatar on Feb. 17, 2024. 

To improve Hooper’s fighting technique, he has sought numerous experts’ guidance on how to effectively switch from strength to strangleholds. One of these experts is Canadian black belt Silvana Shamuon.

On Jan. 16, 2024, Hooper published a half-hour training video with Shamuon on his YouTube channel, featuring, among other moves, speed kicks. Check it out below::

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Silvana Shamuon

Shamuon is world-renowned for various kicking techniques. She holds two titles in the Guinness Book of World Records: one for the most number of kicked objects above-head in a minute — she kicked 59 footballs off peoples’ heads in 60 seconds — and one for combination kicking within a minute — she landed 178 total kicks against a training pad in 60 seconds.

Shamuon and Hooper warmed up via groin stretches. Per Shamuon, groin injuries are among the most common while kicking due to their requisite range of motion.

Roundhouse Kick

Hooper first learned how to roundhouse kick. Shamuon instructed Hooper to rotate his body so that his hip faced the heavy bag. Hooper’s back foot was pre-pivoted away from the heavy bag, with his hands protecting his torso and face.

Shamuon positioned Hooper’s kicking leg into the “chamber position,” where the upper leg is parallel to the floor; the knee faces the bag, and the lead foot kicks the side of the target. After a strike, Hooper returns to the starting chamber position. Hooper struggled to balance but found more consistency once understanding how to properly engage his core.

Sidekick, Front Kick, & Push Kick

During sidekick instruction, Shamuon implored Hooper to guard his ribs and midsection when attempting a foot blow to the opponent’s pelvis or core. Hooper assumed the chamber position with his heel facing the target. Driving through the back heel is crucial to generate power for an effective sidekick.

Due to his relatively limited flexibility, Hooper felt more comfortable with front or push kicks. Shamuon explained the two ways to connect with a push kick are via the heel or the ball of the foot.

Strongman Coaching

After the introduction to combat kicking, Hooper taught Shamuon some strongman 101. Hooper taught Shamuon the log press and how to lift Atlas stones. Lifting stones has translatable skills to kicking, as both require power generation through the hips.

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Hooper’s fight against Hall will take place on Feb. 17, 2024, in the Finishers Championship at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. Four-time WSM champion Brian Shaw is also scheduled to compete on the card against a yet-to-be-named opponent.

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