Fireside Chat: Hapana’s Jarron Aizen on Global Expansion for Fitness Brands

Founder of software platform Hapana, Jarron Aizen shares his expert analysis on how fitness brands can successfully enter international markets

Jarron Aizen, Founder and CEO of Hapana, a leading software provider for gyms and fitness businesses, joins Athletech News Founder and CEO Edward Hertzman in this exclusive “Fireside Chat” interview. 

Aizen offers analysis on different ways fitness brands can expand globally, even touching on his own experience after successfully bringing Hapana to North America

The pair also discuss new industry trends such as integrating recovery or mental health into fitness facilities, why it’s necessary for international brands to understand cultural differences in different communities, and why consistency is key across multiple locations. The sit-down is a must-watch for any organization looking to go international this year. 

Watch the full interview here for expert commentary on the following:

The do’s and don’ts of international expansion for fitness brands

How different brands can and should go global in different ways

Future of the fitness industry from a tech supplier perspective

Key Talking Points:

(0:00 – 1:14 ) Introductions

(1:14 – 4:26) Trends in the industry for 2024

(4:26 – 10:38) Initial challenges and mistakes to avoid with global expansion

(10:38 – 14:17) Establishing consistency with brands scaling in different ways

(14:17 – 18:04) What brands going global immediately need to know

(18:04 – 20:36) Why brands need to communicate to certain regions in specific ways

(20:36 – 24:50) The expertise and flexibility that separate Hapana from the competition

(24:50 – 27:20) Why caution is still required when expanding

(27:20 – 28:55) Wrap up

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