The 4 Best ProForm Treadmills of 2024 — Expert Tested and Approved

ProForm makes some of the best treadmills on the market with impressive training capabilities and mid-range prices between $1,000 and $2,000. With features like lengthy running belts, powerful CHP motors, and iFIT compatibility, users can find a treadmill for their home gym that provides them with the training versatility that suits their goals.

Wading through your options when looking to invest in a treadmill can be daunting. If you’re lucky enough to have landed on the ProForm brand, you’ll still have to figure out exactly which treadmill model is right for you and your goals. Our team of expert product testers put every ProForm treadmill we could get our hands on through the wringer by sprinting, walking, and running at a variety of speeds and incline levels to give you our honest review. Here are our top choices for the best ProForm treadmills.

The 4 Best ProForm Treadmills

Best ProForm Treadmill Overall: Pro 9000

Best ProForm Treadmill for Running: Pro 2000 

Best Budget ProForm Treadmill: Carbon TLX 

Best ProForm Treadmill for Training: Trainer 14.0 

About Our Expert

This article has been reviewed by Amanda Capritto, CPT, CES, CNC, CF-L1, CSNC, a certified personal trainer and BarBend’s expert tester. She reviewed the research we cite to help ensure we’re providing advice that’s safe and sound. However, before you start a new fitness routine, it’s best to consult your doctor.

How We Tested and Chose the Best ProForm Treadmills

BarBend is stacked with CrossFit coaches, former D1 athletes, and lifelong fitness fanatics who have spent countless hours testing more than 40 of the top treadmills in the market — including 8 of the top ProForm treadmills — and scoring them from 1 (bad) to 5 (fantastic) on 13 different factors, including footprint, adjustability, and overall value. Here are some of the areas we zeroed in on when choosing the best ProForm treadmills. 


Whether you’re looking for a premium machine or one of the best budget treadmills, we’ve got you covered. Our selections range from lower-priced options with solid basics to costlier choices boasting larger touchscreens and decline capabilities. The best ProForm treadmills span a price range of $949 to $1,999, offering a more affordable alternative to premium treadmills we’ve tested that cost between $2,000 to $4,000.

Motor Size

Continuous horsepower (CHP) motors are built for serious runners. When browsing ProForm’s treadmills, we looked for motors between 3.0 and 4.0 CHP. “3.0 to 4.0 CHP is ideal for running and sprinting,” noted BarBend expert reviewer and certified personal trainer Amanda Capritto. While not every athlete needs at least a 3.0 CHP motor, we wanted to make sure each of the treadmills we highlighted would be durable and powerful enough for running.

Personal Goals

We know every athlete has a different goal. Some may be curious about how to burn fat, while others may be looking to increase their speed for an upcoming race. There are countless reasons for why users would want a home treadmill, so we made sure to put every training capability to the test. We walked, we ran, we sprinted, making sure to choose treadmills for our list that would suit whatever fitness goal a user might have — from speed gains to weight loss.

Best ProForm Treadmill Overall: Pro 9000

ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

If you’re looking for a high-tech tread for your home that can fold up when not in use, the ProForm Pro 9000 is a great option with a 22-inch touchscreen display and automatic incline and speed adjustments. The 60-inch running deck ca incline from -3 to 12 percent for a variety of running and hiking workouts.

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Price: $1,999

Weight: 263lbs

Dimensions: 59.6” H x 77.3” L x 35.3” W

Max Speed: 12mph

Incline: -3 to 12%

Motor: 3.6 CHP Mach Z

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Display: 22” Smart HD Touchscreen


The 3.6 CHP is the strongest motor offered by ProForm, powering a top speed of up to 12 miles per hour and a -3 to 12 percent incline.

You can stream iFIT programming and track workout progress with a generous 22-inch HD touchscreen.

The 20 by 60-inch tread belt is spacious enough to support runners and long strides.


While the Pro 9000 is a folding treadmill, this 263-pound machine may require an extra set of hands to move.

To get the most out of this treadmill, you’ll want an iFIT subscription, which costs $39 a month after a 30-day free trial.

The 22-inch touchscreen doesn’t swivel, making it tougher to take classes off the tread.

For seasoned racers or those looking to add a splash of cardio into their routine, running on a treadmill is a convenient way to support your goals. ProForm offers some of the best cardio equipment on the market, and our pick for the best overall ProForm model is the Pro 9000. This machine’s 3.6 CHP motor outpaces the 3.0 to 3.5 CHP motors on other ProForm treadmills, supporting speeds up to 12 miles per hour and a -3 to 12 percent incline. Durability, customizations, adjustability, and dynamic programming scored a 5 out of 5.

Our BarBend Tester adjusting the incline on a ProForm Pro 9000.

“The ProForm Pro 9000 is one of my favorite treadmills,” says Amanda Capritto, BarBend’s expert reviewer and certified personal trainer. Tall runners or those with longer strides will find room to cruise on the 60-inch length deck. “The cushioned deck helps prevent joint pain, and the -3 to 12 percent incline/decline range is great for runners who need to train hills,” adds Capritto. 

Kate Meier, BarBend editorial member and expert tester, is a fan of the Pro 9000’s Quick Speed controls. “It’s great for intervals because you don’t have to keep pressing up or down to change your speed or incline,” she said. Adjustability and ergonomics scored a 4.5 out of 5.

Even when I was sprinting and had the incline all the way up, the treadmill felt stable,” added Meier who rated its durability a 5 out of 5. However, this comes at the cost of portability, which scored a 3.5 out of 5. “At 236 pounds, this is a heavy treadmill. And even though it folds up, it’s pretty difficult to move around.” 

A close up view of our BarBend Tester using the touchscreen on a ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill.

We also like the Pro 9000’s compatibility with the iFIT fitness app, which grants athletes access to over 17,000 cardio, strength, and mobility studio classes on the 22-inch HD touchscreen. “iFIT programming… is some of the best interactive fitness programming available, especially for cardio,” says Capritto. 

iFIT, however, does cost an additional $39 per month. We think an iFIT membership is worth the cost — especially when you factor in its AutoAdjust capabilities — but it’s worth noting that the touchscreen doesn’t swivel, which can make it tougher to take non-cardio classes off the tread.

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Best ProForm Treadmill for Running: Pro 2000

ProForm Pro 2000

ProForm Pro 2000

This treadmill is ideal for anyone who wants a touchscreen display, shock absorption, heart rate monitoring, and a hydraulic folding system. Plus, it comes at a reasonable price.

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Price: $1,599

Weight: 262lbs

Dimensions: 59.6” H x 77.3” L x 35.3” W

Max Speed: 12mph

Incline: -3 to 12%

Motor: 3.25 CHP Mach Z

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Display: 10” HD touchscreen


The 3.25 CHP motor supports speeds up to 12 miles per hour max speed and a -3 to 12 percent incline.

The 60-inch running deck is spacious enough to support the long strides of sprinters.

The integrated iFIT programming is packed with running workout programs that can help provide structure and dynamism to your training.


iFIT costs an additional $39 per month after your 30-day free trial. 

The 10-inch screen is smaller than the 12- to 16-inch displays we’ve seen on treadmills at similar price points.

At 262 pounds, this machine is a beast to move. 

For runners looking to take their training to new heights, the $1,599 ProForm Pro 2000 is one of the best treadmills under $2000. It’s also our pick for the best ProForm treadmill for running, as its robust 3.25 CHP motor can support speeds of up to 12 miles per hour max speed and -3 to 12 percent incline training. “Ideally, a running treadmill will have a powerful motor with at least 3.0 CHP,” says our expert reviewer, Amanda Capritto. 

While we haven’t gotten our hands on the Pro 2000 model, we have experience with the Pro Series and have tested the Pro 9000, which has many of the same features. That includes a generous 60-inch tread deck, which Capritto says is the ideal length you want to “accommodate the length of a typical running stride.”

The speed and incline capabilities on the Pro 2000 also match the Pro 9000. For this reason, adjustability and customization scored a 5 out of 5. Certified personal trainer and BarBend editorial member Kate Meier, said, “Just below the screen you’ll have access to QuickSpeed controls, which will change your incline, decline, and speed. This feature can really help with interval training.” 

Our BarBend Tester working out on a ProForm Pro Series Treadmill.

Runners will also like this treadmill’s compatibility with iFIT, which is packed with interval and HIIT classes that can kick your training up a notch. With AutoAdjust, the app can work in tandem with the Pro 2000 to automatically adjust your speed and incline to your onscreen trainer’s specifications, allowing you to focus on your sweat. This dynamic programming scored a 5 out of 5. 

However, the 10-inch HD touchscreen is smaller than the average 12 to 16-inch screens we’ve seen on treadmills in this price range. Also, it’s worth pointing out that iFIT costs an additional $39 a month after a 30-day free trial.

While we love a sturdy treadmill for running, the 262 pound weight of this model — one pound lighter than the Pro 9000 — makes moving it around a pain. Its EasyLift hydraulic folding mechanism helps, as do its transport wheels, but we still recommend users have a dedicated space for this treadmill. 

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Best Budget ProForm Treadmill: Carbon TLX

ProForm Carbon TLX

ProForm Carbon TLX

Adjusts up to a 12% grade so that you can feel like you’re hitting real hills. With an iFIT subscription you can hit trails around the world from the comfort of your own home.

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Price: $949

Weight: 249lbs

Dimensions: 59.1” H x 74.3” L x 35.1” W 59.6” 

Max Speed: 12mph

Incline: 12%

Motor: 3.0 CHP

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Display: 7” display


At $949, users are getting a budget-friendly treadmill with one of the strongest motors (3.0 CHP) we’ve seen on a treadmill under $1,000. 

The treadmill is iFIT-compatible — you’ll just have to link up your own mobile device.

The 20 by 60-inch running deck provides ample space for tall runners or those with long strides.


This treadmill has a basic 7-inch display instead of the interactive touchscreens of pricier models.

ProShox is the least comfortable deck cushioning out of all of the ProForm treadmills we tested.

There are no heart rate sensors on the handlebars.

The ProForm Carbon TLX is one of the best treadmills under $1,000 we’ve tested, with its $949 price tag making it roughly $500 to $1,000 less expensive than other ProForm models. Perhaps most impressive is its 3.0 CHP motor, which is one of the strongest we’ve seen at this price point. With a max speed of 12 miles per hour, a 12-percent incline, and a roomy 60-inch running surface, athletes can feel comfortable running, jogging, or walking. Value and setup scored a 5 out of 5, and durability scored a 4.5 out of 5.

A person is shown walking on a ProForm Carbon TLX treadmill.

Certified personal trainer and BarBend expert reviewer Amanda Capritto says, “For a commercial treadmill experience at home, you’ll want to look for… [a] motor with at least 3.0 CHP, speeds topping out at 12-15 miles per hour, incline range of up to 12 percent, [and a] large running deck measuring 20 inches wide by 60 inches long.” Check! Check! Check! It’s rare to find all of these features (and more) for under $1,000.

Rather than streaming iFIT’s interactive training — an additional $39 per month — from a bulky touchscreen, the Carbon TLX allows users to stream the app’s classes from their own device after linking up with the machine via Bluetooth. This way, they can still take advantage of the app’s AutoAdjust feature, which can make automatic adjustments to your speed and incline during classes. A built-in tablet holder provides a sturdy shelf, placing the screen right in your eyesight. 

Our tester, a certified personal trainer, found the running experience on this treadmill to be less comfortable than other ProForm models they’d tested. “The ProShox cushioning didn’t provide a lot in terms of cushioning, I found it less shock-absorbing than the ProForm Trainer 12.0,” they said. Adjustability and ergonomics scored a 3.5 out of 5. 

A close up view of a person holding the heart-beat bars on the ProForm Carbon TLX treadmill.

However, we did appreciate the folding nature of this treadmill and its 249-pound weight, which is about 14 pounds less than the Pro Series models. Its foldability and reasonable weight is why the Carbon TLX made its way onto our list of the best portable treadmills.

Due to the budget nature of this purchase, you won’t find all of the conveniences and amenities that ProForm offers with the rest of their treadmills. For example, you won’t find any heart rate sensors or decline capabilities here. 

Best ProForm Treadmill for Training: Trainer 14.0

ProForm Trainer 14.0

ProForm Trainer 14.0

The 14″ touchscreen provides athletes access to iFIT programming where users can find scenic routes around the world or build their own trails with Google Maps. You’re getting 12mph max speed and 12% incline capabilities, powered by a strong and capable 3.0 CHP motor.

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Price: $1,404

Weight: 228lbs

Dimensions: 56” H x 77.2” L x 35” 

Max Speed: 12mph

Incline: 12%

Motor: 3.0 CHP

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Display: 14” touchscreen


The 12-percent incline and 12-miles-per-hour max speed — enough to support various modes of training — can be adjusted with Quick Speed controls.

The 20- by 60-inch running deck is spacious enough to support sprints and HIIT training.

Stream scenic and interactive iFIT workouts via the built-in 14-inch touch display.


An iFIT subscription will cost you an additional $39 after a 30-day free trial.

For $400 more than the Carbon TLX, we expected more than a 3.0 CHP motor.

Take your training seriously with one of ProForm’s mid-priced treadmills: the Trainer 14.0. With a 3.0 CHP motor, you can pick up the pace with a max speed of 12 miles per hour. And if you’re in need of a treadmill incline workout, the 12-percent incline provides. Additionally, the running deck is 20- by 60-inches long, which is spacious enough to support various modes of training, from endurance to HIIT. 

The Trainer 14.0 is the newest trainer model, so we haven’t gotten our hands on it yet, but once we do we’ll update this review accordingly. The following is our research into specs compared to our experience with other ProForm treadmills. 

At $1,404 you’re getting a machine with iFIT compatibility and a 14-inch touchscreen to stream iFIT’s vast library of scenic and immersive classes. We’re iFIT stans here at BarBend. “iFIT is absolutely awesome. The company is going toe-to-toe with Peloton and I’d recommend iFIT over basically any other brand’s programming,” noted our tester, a certified CrossFit Level 1 coach. Keep in mind, though, that an iFIT subscription will cost you $39 a month after a free 30-day trial.

A person is shown in the process of unfolding a ProForm Trainer treadmill.

While the 14-inch touchscreen is larger than the Pro 2000’s 10-inch display, the Pro 2000 — about $200 more expensive — packs a stronger 3.5 CHP and decline capabilities compared to the Trainer 14.0’s 3.0 CHP motor. That’s the same one you’ll find on the Carbon TLX — for an additional $450, we would have liked to see a bump in motor power.

Customizing your training is simple. Certified personal trainer and BarBend editorial member Kate Meier noted as much when reviewing the Pro 9000, which has similar conveniences. 

The Quick Speed controls make interval training seamless, as you won’t have to click through various levels of speed or incline to get to the level you want. You just press one button and you can quickly go to your desired training intensity,” she noted. We rated the Pro 9000’s dynamic programming and customizations a 5 out of 5.

Benefits of ProForm Treadmills

ProForm treadmills provide impressive training capabilities with prices ranging from $799 up to $1,999. These machines are foldable, offer HD touchscreens and LCD screens compatible with the iFIT app, and deliver high speeds with strong 3.0 to 3.6 CHP motors. 

Training Capabilities

ProForm doesn’t compromise when it comes to training, from long-distance running to HIIT treadmill workouts, each treadmill packs a powerful motor and high incline and speed ranges. While every ProForm treadmill provides at least a 3.0 CHP motor or a 12 percent incline, there are options up to 3.6 CHP and decline training down to -3 percent for those so… inclined. 

Spacious Decks

We love having enough deck length to run without restraint, and this is exactly what ProForm provides. The majority of ProForm treadmills provide at least 60 inches of deck length, suitable for taller runners or those with long strides. Certified personal trainer and our expert reviewer Amanda Capritto noted, “A comfortable deck… for running, and especially sprinting, [should be] 20 inches wide by 60 inches long.”


All of ProForm’s treadmills (and ellipticals and exercise bikes and…) are compatible with the iFIT fitness app. iFIT boasts a library of over 17,000 classes with options to hike, walk, or run through scenic locations around the world. 

A close up of the red side-decking on a ProForm Carbon TLX treadmill.

You’ll also have access to off-treadmill workouts like strength training and yoga. iFIT programming also offers most (but not all) ProForm treadmills the ability to opt into AutoAdjust features, where your trainer takes control of your speed and incline so all you have to do is focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

Users can also forge their own trails with Google Maps virtual runs, providing you the ability to explore anywhere in the world.

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ProForm offers a 10-year frame, 2-year parts, and one-year labor warranty on their treadmills. This is a reasonable warranty for the $1,000 to $2,000 price range. It’s comparable to the $2,999 NordicTrack 2450’s 10-year frame warranty, and better than the $2,995 Peloton Tread’s 5-year frame warranty. 

However, you’ll want to be cautious where you keep your machine, as your warranty might be voided if it’s not kept in a climate-controlled environment, such as a garage without insulation or my parents’ house, where they refuse to turn the AC on in the summer. “Oh, you’re hot? Why don’t you have a glass of water?” 

How Much Do ProForm Treadmills Cost?

ProForm treadmills are mid-level splurges, ranging in price from $1,000 for their most budget steal up to $2,000 for their most tricked-out machine.

Primarily, prices seem to adjust based on the power and durability of the motor, screen size, and decline capabilities. You’ll also want to keep in mind that ProForm treadmills were built to be compatible with iFIT programming.

You’ll get to try out iFIT free of charge for one month, and after that, you’ll have the option to cancel or subscribe to iFIT family membership at $39 a month, $396 a year, $699 for two years, or $899 for three years. 

What to Consider Before Buying a ProForm Treadmill

When making a choice for what fitness equipment to bring into your home, take into account the type of training you’d like to do, the space you plan to put it, and any preferences you have in terms of tech and conveniences. Do you want a built-in touchscreen or would rather save some cash and stream iFIT workouts from your own device. 

Screen or No Screen

ProForm treadmills often come with a touchscreen display, but the sizes of these screens will vary from 10 to 22 inches. You’ll notice that as the screen size increases, so will the cost. Big screens can be useful if you plan on taking advantage of iFIT’s dynamic programming, but they also add extra pounds and can also be cumbersome during transport. 

A close up of our BarBend tester adjusting the screen tilt downward on the ProForm Trainer 12.0 treadmill.

ProForm also has options that swap out huge touchscreens for LCD displays as small as 5 to 7 inches. You can access basic stats on these displays, but not much else. They will, however, make the treadmill easier to move than models with screens. Also, you can still take advantage of iFIT compatibility on these machines — you’ll just have to connect your own mobile device. 

Incline and Decline

Most ProForm treadmills provide up to 12-percent incline capabilities, but if you’re interested in decline training, they also have options with -3 percent abilities. We find that this combo of incline and decline is great for hikers preparing for an upcoming outing, or athletes looking for the benefits of HIIT training via hill sprints. 

Weight and Floorspace

A top-performing treadmill with a large screen, rugged motor, and enough running space to kick your training up a notch often comes at the cost of your floor space. Make sure to measure the space you have available before perusing this list — we’ve provided the dimensions of each machine so you know how comfortably it will fit in your home gym.

While some of ProForm’s more luxury treadmills have folding capabilities, they’re heavy machines and difficult to move, often weighing more than 260 pounds. In comparison, ProForm’s more budget-friendly offerings will have fewer bells and whistles and weigh around 20 to for 40 pounds lighter. These lighter machines will also have a smaller (albeit only mildly) footprint.

Final Word

ProForm makes some of the most popular treadmills on the market, so if you want to invest in a high-quality machine that’ll help support your training efforts, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to improve your endurance, hit some hill sprints, hike to new heights, or kickstart a new routine, there’s a ProForm treadmill that’ll fit the ticket.

We know that sorting through your options can be as stressful as sitting through a dream ballet in a musical that has two intermissions, but we’ve aimed to provide you with the information to help navigate through your options. Figure out your budget. Figure out what sort of training you want to do. And then use our list to help narrow down your options for the best ProForm treadmill.


What is the best ProForm treadmill?

Don’t make us choose! The ProForm Pro 9000 comes out in the lead. This machine boasts a workhorse 3.6 CHP motor, 12-percent incline, -3 percent decline, and a max speed of 12 miles per hour for $1,999. Also, the huge 22-inch touch screen provides an immersive iFIT viewing experience.

Is a ProForm treadmill worth it?

Absolutely! ProForm treadmills, with their robust motors and high speed and incline ranges, are suited for running, jogging, and walking, not to mention high-intensity training. Their warranty — 10-year frame, 2-year parts, and one-year labor warranty — should also put your mind at ease about any problems that may occur.

Is NordicTrack or ProForm better?

NordicTrack and ProForm are two of the top brands in the treadmill game. However, they’re meant for different audiences. NordicTrack treadmills can cost upwards of $3,000 at many retailers. ProForm treadmills range in price from $1,000 to $2,000, providing a more cost-conscious machine for those on a budget.

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