Centr CRO: Fitness Brands Should Create ‘Emotional’ Connection With Consumers

A former Sony and Activision Blizzard exec, Amy Longhi is helping Centr build out its ecosystem of fitness and wellness products

Amy Longhi, chief revenue officer at Centr, has enjoyed an extensive career at the intersection of marketing, product, entertainment and health. Longhi has held roles at Sony, Activision Blizzard, and Therabody, and helped launch the NWSL’s Angel City Football Club, which was recently featured in the HBO series “Angel City.”

Now, Longhi is helping Centr, the fitness and wellness platform founded by Chris Hemsworth, expand into new consumer and commercial audiences. 

“What each of these companies have in common is that they are built on the foundation of connecting with consumers on an emotional level,” Longhi tells Athletech News. “I look through the lens of delivering physical products and digital offerings that provide much more than the simple, intended use of said product, but rather help to entertain, drive community and enhance someone’s life.” 

Because Centr caters to a diverse global community of fitness and wellness enthusiasts, Longhi’s role with the brand is rooted in catering to different consumer needs.

“For some, it’s about losing weight, while for others it may be about improving their strength, implementing a healthier diet or making time for meditation and mindfulness,” she said. “Improving health and wellness can be a very emotional journey for some, which is a big consideration in all of the work we do around our mission.” 

Founded in 2019 by Hemsworth, Centr is focused not only on bodybuilders and leading men like the famous actor, but also those beginning their fitness journeys. The platform offers subscribers access to workout, wellness and nutrition programs and video content featuring Hemsworth and various personal trainers. Centr has also released a line of at-home fitness equipment, part of a mission under CEO Andrew Sugerman to reach more consumers by offering both digital and physical products.

“Our mission is to empower people everywhere to live well by energizing their every day,” Longhi said. “Everything we do is grounded in this, from expanding our already extensive library of digital coaching–which spans movement, meals and mind–to meticulously designing and engineering each piece of fitness equipment to ensure premium quality, a sleek, modern aesthetic and unparalleled functionality.”

credit: Centr

Centr also recently expanded into the commercial and competition equipment space for the first time, partnering with Hyrox. Already available in North America, the new commercial line will be introduced to the European market at FIBO 2024.

“As we expand and grow into the commercial space, there are learnings and intricate nuances in each market,” Longhi said. “While these are short-term challenges to overcome, the opportunity to our partners and our customers is that we are a trusted fitness equipment resource for all athletes of all skill levels – from the home, to the gym, from a beginner to an elite competitive athlete.” 

Longhi views working in the health and wellness industry as a responsibility.

“It allows us to truly change someone’s life,” she said. “We are here to support our community on their wellness journey and if we can motivate them to lead a healthier life and give them the tools to meet their wellness goals.”

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