Inside the Grueling Workouts of a (Young) CrossFit Games Veteran: Haley Adams Prepares for Quarterfinals

Haley Adams is a CrossFit powerhouse with a small-town heart. After a year away, this comeback queen is training harder than ever for the CrossFit Games.

Get a peek inside her intense workouts (video below) and see how she balances family life with the demands of elite competition. Discover the mental toughness it takes to push past exhaustion and how her hometown fuels her drive to succeed.

Ready to be inspired?

The Comeback Queen

Haley took a break from CrossFit last year to focus on herself and her family. But this year, she’s back on the competition scene, stronger and hungrier than ever. Her town and family are cheering her on, fueling her comeback and making it even more special.

Haley Adams’ CrossFit Games Career

2016 CrossFit Games — Second Place (Girls 14-15)

2017 CrossFit Games — Second Place (Girls 16-17)

2018 CrossFit Games — First Place (Girls 16-17)

2019 CrossFit Games — Sixth Place

2020 CrossFit Games — Fourth Place

2021 CrossFit Games — Fifth Place

2022 CrossFit Games — Ninth Place

Training Like a Games Veteran: Lessons Learned and Dreams Ahead

Being able to lift heavy under fatigue is where I think there’s a big difference in people that move on and do well and those who don’t. There’s a lot of strong people out there but they can’t do it when they’re tired.

Haley Adams

Haley’s not just a CrossFit athlete – she’s a seasoned CrossFit Games competitor. Those past experiences on the biggest stage shape how she trains now. It’s all about intensity, pushing past her limits, and being ready for anything the Games might throw her way.

“Those competitions,” Haley admits, “sometimes they hit you with crazy stuff you’d never see in a normal gym. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.” She remembers the struggle of lifting heavy weights when she was totally exhausted. Now, that’s a main focus in her workouts – to be strong even when her body screams to stop.

This kind of insight shows just how tough these competitions are. You can’t just be fit, you need a whole other level of mental toughness. Haley’s learned those lessons, and it fuels her workouts. Every time she pushes herself in the gym, she’s thinking about her next chance at the Games and the challenges she’ll overcome that day.

CrossFit Beast Mode

Today’s workout is all about going hard – strength, speed, and pushing her limits. With big competitions coming up, she’s perfecting the skill of training while she’s super tired. That’s what sets the top athletes apart.

Aiming High

Late at night, Haley thinks about her workout and all she hopes to achieve. It’s not just about winning. The goals, the wins along the way…that’s what makes it all worthwhile. That, and the support of her incredible family and town.

The Takeaway

Haley’s day is a whirlwind of intense training, family time, and small-town love. Balancing it all takes guts, but her town and family are there to support her. In the small town or the big competition stage, it’s about heart, support, and always going for the gold.

Watch her training day:


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