Mat Fraser’s New Workout Routine: Diapers, Bottles, and Growing HWPO

The guys at B.Friendly fitness interviewed with Mat Fraser on April 3rd. Here’s a summary (you can find the full interview below.)

Mat Fraser’s life is rapidly changing. Fatherhood has transformed his world, and he’s tackling the challenge with his signature dedication.  

This article dives into his journey of balancing family, fitness, and growing a fitness brand, HWPO.  Get ready for an update on Mat Fraser 2.0 – dad, entrepreneur, and still a fitness inspiration.

Embracing a New Chapter: Family, Fitness, and Finding Balance

With the arrival of his first child, Mat entered a transformative phase of life, reshaping his priorities and daily routines around the new center of his universe. 

The challenge of balancing professional aspirations with the responsibilities of parenthood became a central theme in his life.

Adjusting to this new role, Matt approached fatherhood with the same dedication and strategic thinking that characterized his athletic and business successes. 

He recognized that maintaining a balance between his professional commitments and family life required a deliberate restructuring of his time and energy. 

Integrating his training and work schedules around his family’s needs became paramount, illustrating a commitment to not just being present but actively involved in his child’s upbringing.

Expanding HWPO

Expanding HWPO isn’t just about reaching a broader audience; it’s about creating a comprehensive ecosystem that supports both athletes and affiliates worldwide.

By bringing in seasoned professionals, we’re not just scaling our operations; we’re enriching our brand with a level of expertise that ensures our content and coaching are second to none.

Mat Fraser

Strategic Growth and Team Dynamics

Mat has pivoted to a role that could arguably leave a more lasting impact than his competition days. 

Spearheading HWPO, he has ventured into new territories, pushing for a holistic fitness brand that resonates on a global scale. 

The recruitment of seasoned professionals into the HWPO fold isn’t just about scaling operations; it’s about enriching the brand with diverse expertise, ensuring the content and coaching are unparalleled.

Operational Excellence and Innovation

HWPO’s recent foray into multilingual content and affiliate programming exemplifies a commitment to inclusivity. This strategic direction, focusing on accessibility, reflects an understanding of CrossFit’s global community and the necessity of a unified approach to fitness and wellness.

Fostering Community Engagement and Personal Growth

The Power of Inclusivity

Creating spaces where every individual feels valued is at the heart of Mat’s mission. 

By hosting events and engaging with the community, HWPO has become a beacon for inclusivity in fitness. 

These initiatives not only support individual growth but also strengthen the communal fabric of CrossFit, making it a more welcoming space for everyone, regardless of their fitness level or background.

Watch the full update here:


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