Tempo Looks To Lure Gym Members by Covering Cancel Fees

The AI-powered, at-home strength training company is launching a “fitness refund” program to win over dissatisfied gym members

The battle between at-home fitness and gyms has heated up, with Tempo throwing a major punch. 

The smart home gym company is making a creative play to convert unused gym memberships with its “Fitness Refund” campaign, where Tempo will cover the price of an “average” gym cancellation fee when users sign up for a Tempo Training program, which includes 30 days free.

Intended to remind fitness enthusiasts that working out at home eliminates the need to commute or plan workouts, Tempo’s offer also comes during Tax Season, a time the smart home gym brand says gym member attendance begins to decline, resulting in an estimated $397 million loss on unused gym memberships over the course of a year.

Compatible with any iOS device, Tempo Training offers AI-powered, on-demand personalized training that adapts over time. New members receive access to 3,500 guided workouts with certified Tempo Coaches, weekly live classes, monthly community challenges, body composition scanning and real-time rep, weight and form guidance. 

The strategic move is similar to one smart home gym brand Tonal made in 2023 in an effort to nab Lululemon Mirror owners.

“We’re excited to offer a ‘Fitness Refund’ to offset the financial burden of gym cancellation fees and introduce people to a whole new way of working out with Tempo Training,” said Moawia Eldeeb, Tempo’s CEO and co-founder. “At Tempo, we’ve set out to create the world’s best training experience that’s tailored to each individual, setting them on a path to consistent progress and results.”

credit: Tempo

Eldeeb is all about results. A computer science major at Columbia University and former personal trainer, the Tempo co-founder has made it his mission to make fitness more accessible through AI. 

The smart home gym startup raised $220 million in a Series C round in 2021.

“I realized that one-on-one, personalized training and guidance was unattainable for most people, and sought to fill that gap by combining AI and weightlifting to create the only at-home fitness solution with a built-in personal trainer,” Eldeeb told ATN in an interview last November.

Tempo’s limited-time refund deal runs until April 15, 2024.

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