2024 Triple O Dynasty Bodybuilding Show Results

The inaugural Triple O Dynasty Pro was held on Saturday, April 6, 2024, in Mesa, AZ. It was the first show promoted by three Olympia champions: four-time Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw, seven-time Ms. Figure Olympia Cydney Gillon, and three-time Ms. Fitness Olympia Whitney Jones.

2024 Triple O Dynasty Results

Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, and Figure divisions were on the marquee. Theresa Ivancik was crowned Women’s Bodybuilding champion, Ann Gruber won in Women’s Physique, and the Figure champion was Wendy Fortino.

Women’s Bodybuilding

Theresa Ivancik (United States)

Gabriela Pena De La Vega (United States)

Julia Whitesel (United States)

Lena Batka (United States)

Martina Lopez (Spain)

Julie Schultz (United States)

Michelle Bogden (United States)

Women’s Physique

Ann Gruber (United States)

Alejandra Chacon Velazquez (Spain)

Bridget Gladmon (United States)

Tricia Downing (United States)

Jolaine Fulps (United States)


Wendy Fortino (United States)

Maggie Watson (Canada)

Sandee Lark (United States)

Lisa Saygun (Australia)

Lakeisha Roulhac (United States)

Christine Cave (United States)

Ashley Martinez (United States)

Monique Mealey (United States)

Shelly Johnson (United States)

Stephanie Koerber (United States)

Rebecca Godwin (United States)

Sierra Jones (United States)

Reem Albareeq (United Kingdom)

Chikjioke Soribe (United States)

Rose Black (Australia)

Mary Sanderman (United States)

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Women’s Bodybuilding Winner — Theresa Ivancik

This is Ivancik’s fourth pro win and third Olympia qualification. Thanks to this victory, she can compete in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024.

Several fans posted on social media that this was the best Ivancik ever looked on stage, and the judges verified that notion with all first-place votes on the scorecards. Ivancik confirmed before the event that would compete in the 2024 Olympia if qualified. Ivancik’s best Olympia finish was seventh in 2022.

Women’s Physique Winner — Ann Gruber

Ann Gruber had straight first-place votes from the judges* to win the Women’s Physique division. This was Gruber’s first 2024 contest, and she secured her spot in the 2024 Women’s Physique Olympia lineup.

*Sandy Williamson was the head judge.

Figure Division Winner — Wendy Fortino

The Figure division contest featured 16 competitors — the most in the show. Wendy Fortino was the last to leave the stage due to first-place honors.

This is the fifth pro win of Fortino’s 13-year career. She qualified to compete in the Olympia for the eighth time. Maggie Watson of Canada and Sandee Lark of the United States rounded out the top three.

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