Rafael Brandao Wins the 2024 Arnold South America Bodybuilding Show

The 2024 Arnold South America show was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 6-7, 2024. This was the third of promoter Arnold Schwarzenegger’s three IFBB Pro League events for 2024. This contest featured four divisions: Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Wheelchair, and Wellness.

The champions were Rafael Brandao (Men’s Open), Fabio Junio (Classic Physique), Kevin Secundino (Men’s Wheelchair), and Rayane Fogal (Wellness). All four champions qualified to compete in the 2024 Olympia in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024.

2024 Arnold South America Results

The final order of finish for all four competitions are below, courtesy of the IFBB Pro League website:

Men’s Open

Rafael Brandao (Brazil)

Tonio Burton (United States)

Vitalii Goodvito (Brazil)

William Martins William (Brazil)

Andre Carlao (Brazil)

Alan Romiro Bonadiman (Brazil)

Jefferson Santos De Oliveira (Brazil)

Jonathan Emmanuel Padilla Gonzalez (Mexico)

Davi Flex Jr. (Brazil)

Deivison Teixeira (Brazil)

*Jonathan Delarosa was on this show’s roster but did not compete.

Classic Physique

Fabio Junio (Brazil)

Diego Alejandro Galindo Garavito (Brazil)

Livingston Livinho (Brazil)

Lucas Silva (Brazil)

Andre Luiz Dos Santos (Brazil)

Luiz Luiz Chicle (Brazil)

Daniel Da Matta (Brazil)

William Cirino De Araujo (Brazil)

Fabiano Andrade (Brazil)

William Santoro (Brazil)

Breno Roberto Eleuterio Pereira (Brazil)

Afonso Emmel Licht (Brazil)

Alan Mendes (Brazil)

Men’s Wheelchair

Kevin Secundino (Brazil)

Josue Fabiano Barretto Monteiro (Brazil)


Rayane Fogal (Brazil)

Valquiria Lopes (Brazil)

Andreia Gadelha Da Silva (Brazil)

Debora Boff (Brazil)

Renata Guaraciaba (Brazil)

Rara Lima (Brazil)

Pamela Rodrigues (Brazil)

Debora Paula De Oliveria (Brazil)

Claudia Gentil (Brazil)

Danielle Alves Balbino Da Silva (Brazil)

Ruth Ruth Mantos (Brazil)

Fernanda Kivia Ramos (Brazil)

Andreia Santos (Brazil)

Debora Pereira (Brazil)

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Men’s Open Winner — Rafael Brandao

Brandao made history with this win as the first two-time winner in the contest’s history. It was a close battle between Brandao and runner-up Tonio Burton, with only three points separating them on the scorecards*.

Burton would have to settle for second place in this lineup, and taking third was Vitalii Goodvito, who was making his IFBB Pro League debut. As for Brandao, the expecting father is now set to make his second Olympia appearance. He was 10th in the 2022 contest.

*The head judge was Tamer El Guindy.

Classic Physique Winner — Fabio Junio

Junio ranked 14th at the 2023 Classic Physique Olympia, his debut on that stage. He had not competed since then until he took the stage in Sao Paulo. The judges ranked Junio as the unanimous winner in the single-round contest.

Men’s Wheelchair Winner — Kevin Secundino

Kevin Secundino went into the weekend as an amateur but acquired IFBB Pro League status by winning in the amateur contest in Sao Paulo. He jumped into the pro show and secured his first victory right out of the gate. Secundino is 2024 Olympia-qualified.

Wellness Winner — Rayane Fogal

Brazil is considered the original home of the Wellness division, and many fans were excited about this show. Rayane Fogal was ranked highest among the 14 athletes and left with the trophy, Olympia qualification, and cheers from fans.

This was Fogal’s third career pro victory. She will aim to improve upon her fourth-place finish at the 2023 Wellness Olympia.

Featured Image: @rafabrandao on Instagram

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