Pvolve, HigherDose Partner on Mindfulness Classes

The fitness brand has teamed up with the at-home wellness tech company to offer three new rest and recovery-focused classes

Pvolve has partnered with HigherDose to bring rest and recovery-focused classes to its platform. In addition to its in-person studio presence, the omni-channel fitness brand offers over 1,300 on-demand and streaming workouts, which will now include three classes tailored to different states of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

The new classes available on the Pvolve website and app are: 

Rest & Reset Cooldown: focused on winding down one’s mental state after stressful days. 

Rest & Reset Active Stretch: dedicated to promoting mindfulness and a physical-mental connection. 

Rest & Reset Sculpt & Stretch: focused on grounding a mind-body connection and promoting mental acuity and awareness. 

Users can complete the classes on HigherDose’s popular PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology) mat to enhance their rest and recovery experience. 

Both brands have been growing rapidly, fueled by consumer interest in a holistic approach to health and wellness.

HigherDose was founded by Katie Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri in 2016 to bring high-tech recovery tools to the masses, and Pvolve, which offers functional fitness workouts, was founded in 2017 after Rachel Katzman was inspired to bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare.

“HigherDose’s mission is inspired by the fact that there are more saunas than people in Finland because that country’s residents are educated about well-being,” Berlingeri said in a conversation with Athletech News last month. “The opportunity here is expanding upon that notion, making empowered self-healing and longevity accessible to the masses with efficacious products.”

credit: HigherDose

By partnering with Pvolve, HigherDose aims to educate consumers about ways to integrate its technology and methodology into workouts and everyday practices.

As Pvolve looks to educate more consumers about the benefits of its functional fitness method, the company has also released clinical studies demonstrating its workouts’ impact on flexibility, balance, mobility and stability for women aged 40 years and above.

The Jennifer Aniston-affiliated fitness brand has been growing rapidly, with 47 franchise locations sold and nine open locations, six of which are franchised studios. Pvolve’s first franchise studio opened in San Diego just one year ago. 

credit: Pvolve

Throughout April, Pvolve members will receive 15% off HigherDose products, and those who purchase a package will receive a free gift of Serotonin Soak, which is infused with magnesium, French green clay, and algae. Consumers who spend $100 or more at HigherDose will receive a one-month Pvolve membership. 

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