Unscripted: Equinox VP Julia Klim on Cultivating a Brand Identity

Klim shares why Equinox is more than just a fitness brand and how the company takes deliberate steps to nurture that identity in the marketplace

In the latest episode of Athletech News’ Unscripted podcast, Equinox vice president of strategic partnerships and business development Julia Klim joins co-hosts Edward Hertzman and Eric Malzone to discuss her rise and current role with the luxury fitness and lifestyle brand. 

Klim, Hertzman and Malzone break down what they’re seeing from the fitness and wellness industry today and how Equinox has developed an impactful brand identity by staying true to its core principles. Compelling subjects such as entry barriers for gyms, collaborations with other top brands and more are broken down throughout the conversation.

Watch this episode of “Unscripted” for unfiltered takes on the following:

The fine line between inclusivity and exclusivity

How fitness is replacing other areas as a breeding ground for social interaction

What an industry leader like Klim looks for in potential brand partnerships

Key Talking Points:

(0:00 – 1:09) Introductions

(1:09 – 4:08) Why Equinox is so much more than a “fitness brand”

(4:08 – 9:04) Developing Equinox’s individuality 

(9:04 – 13:15) Welcoming anyone, but not catering to everyone

(13:15 – 21:11) Navigating trends and staying in front of an increasingly saturated market

(21:11 – 24:10) Fitness is becoming more social

(24:10 – 27:29) Means of exploring different partnerships

(27:29 – 30:27) Inside the Oura-Equinox partnership 

(30:27 – 33:08) Reflecting on the biggest win of Klim’s career

(33:08 – 38:04) Breaking down what inspired Equinox’s “Want it All” campaign 

(38:04 – 40:13) Wrap-Up

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