Strongwoman Faye Pittman Axle Presses U73 World Record of 105 Kilogram (231 Pounds)

Strongwoman Faye Pittman made strongwoman history by breaking the under 73-kilogram (U73KG) class world record in the Axle Press, lifting 105 kilograms (231 pounds). The historic lift was made at the inaugural edition of the Official Strongman Record Breakers event in Derry, Ireland, on Saturday, April 20, 2024.

The Axle Press is performed with a barbell thicker than a traditional weightlifting bar, making it more challenging to grip. This was Pittman’s first career world record. Her attempt can be seen below, courtesy of the Official Strongman Instagram page:

Pittman lifted the Axle bar from the floor to her weight belt — legal in competitive strongman and strongwoman. She transferred the bar swiftly to her front rack position before prepping to split jerk the bar overhead.

Pittman stood tall with the arms locked out and smiling as the official gave the down command. Fireworks went off once she dropped the weight and walked off the stage to celebrate. Aside from her lifting belt, Pittman also wore knee sleeves and wrist wraps during her attempt.

According to Official Strongman, Pittman weighed in at 72.6 kilograms (160 pounds). Per Kaos Strength, the previous record stood at 101 kilograms (222.7 pounds) set by Rhianon Lovelace at Kaos Gym in January 2023.

Pittman is the 2024 Wales Strongest Woman champion. She is set to compete next at the 2024 Britain’s Strongest Woman contest at the Barbican Theatre in York, England, on Saturday, June 22, 2024. She also trains and competes in Olympic lifting.

Pittman was the third strongwoman to break a world record 2024 Official Strongman Record Breakers. Sumer Johnson broke the U82 world deadlift record with a 300 kilograms (660 pounds) pull, and 2023 Masters Over 50 World’s Strongest Woman winner Claire Myler became the first Masters strongwoman to pull 300 kilograms.

The 2024 Official Strongman Record Breakers was streamed live on the Official Strongman website. Paid subscribers can watch the replay of the full event on the Official Strongman website.

Featured Reel: @officialstrongman_ on Instagram

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