In a Rare Interview, Controversial Founder Greg Glassman Talks About the Future of CrossFit

On a recent episode of The Sevan Podcast, hosted by Sevan Matossian, CrossFit’s founder, Greg Glassman, along with other influential figures in the CrossFit community, engaged in a candid discussion about the organization’s past achievements and its uncertain future. 

The conversation delved into the philosophical underpinnings of CrossFit, the impact of leadership changes, and the evolving challenges the community faces as it navigates the complexities of growth and corporate management. 

This episode provided rare insights from Glassman and others who have been deeply embedded in the culture of CrossFit, offering a unique perspective on where the fitness movement is headed and how it can retain its core identity amidst ongoing changes.

CrossFit’s Philosophical Foundations

Central to CrossFit’s appeal is its foundational philosophy, coined and clarified by Glassman himself. 

Terms like “constantly varied movements executed at high intensity” encapsulate a fitness regime that challenges conventional workout routines. Unlike mainstream fitness programs that focus on repetition and specialization, CrossFit promotes overall fitness, resilience, and versatility. 

This holistic approach to fitness as a lifestyle was revolutionary at its inception and continues to influence countless fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

The Cultural Shift and Community Building

More than just a fitness program, CrossFit created a vibrant community. 

From its early days, the culture within CrossFit gyms (or ‘boxes’) was marked by an intense camaraderie and collective spirit rarely seen in fitness circles. 

This community aspect was nurtured by Glassman’s hands-on approach, often engaging directly with the community through seminars and discussions, reinforcing the principles of CrossFit and how they apply not just within the gym, but in daily life. 

Such interactions helped solidify a loyal following that views fitness as a shared journey rather than a solitary endeavor.

Challenges in Leadership Transition

The transition of leadership at CrossFit Inc. marked a significant phase with profound implications. Following Glassman’s step down, the organization struggled to maintain its foundational ethos. 

Key figures like Tyson Oldroid, integral in shaping and maintaining the community spirit, were let go, leading to a loss of what many saw as essential institutional knowledge. 

Such changes raised concerns about the direction and future integrity of the brand.

The Role of Media and Brand Guardianship

CrossFit’s media arm played a pivotal role in shaping and communicating the brand’s core messages. 

Figures like Leaf Edmonson were crucial in preserving the brand’s authenticity, ensuring that all published content aligned with CrossFit’s values. 

The dismantling of this team signaled a shift towards a more conventional marketing approach, potentially diluting the brand’s unique voice and disconnecting from its grassroots ethos.

Current Management Strategies and Future Directions

Under new management, CrossFit seems to be pivoting towards more aggressive marketing strategies typical of mainstream fitness organizations. 

This includes increased emphasis on digital marketing to drive gym memberships and renew certifications more frequently. 

While these methods might boost short-term engagement, there is concern over whether they align with CrossFit’s original spirit of community and enduring fitness philosophy.

Adapting to New Leadership and Management Strategies

The CrossFit community, known for its resilience and tight-knit bonds, has shown varied responses to the shifts in leadership and management strategies. 

While some members and affiliates have embraced the changes, hopeful for innovation and expansion, others express nostalgia and concern for the dilution of the original CrossFit ethos. 

This division is most palpable among long-time practitioners who feel a disconnect with the brand’s new direction, which seems to prioritize commercial success over community integrity.

Community-Driven Initiatives to Preserve Culture

In response to these challenges, several affiliates and community leaders have initiated grassroots efforts to preserve the ‘CrossFit culture.’ 

These initiatives include local and regional seminars, workshops focused on the original CrossFit methodologies, and community events that emphasize the communal and inclusive nature of CrossFit. 

By reinforcing the community aspects, these leaders aim to keep the core principles alive, ensuring that the essence of what made CrossFit unique is not lost amidst corporate strategies.

Strategies for Re-Alignment and Growth

To align with both its heritage and the need for growth, CrossFit Inc. could consider several strategic approaches:

Inclusive Decision-Making: Engaging with a broad spectrum of affiliates and community members in key decision-making processes to ensure that changes reflect the community’s needs and preserve the foundational ethos.

Enhanced Training and Certification: Focus on enhancing the quality and depth of L1 and L2 training programs, ensuring they are not just certification processes but also deep dives into the philosophy and application of CrossFit methods.

Reviving and Innovating Community Events: Re-introduce and innovate on community events like the CrossFit Games, making them more accessible and community-focused, thus reinforcing the communal ethos that has been pivotal to CrossFit’s success.

Transparent Communication: Maintain a transparent communication line with the community about changes and their implications, fostering a culture of trust and involvement.

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As CrossFit continues to navigate through these transformative times, the balance between maintaining its core values and adapting to a changing business landscape will be crucial. 

The community’s active participation in shaping the future of CrossFit could be the key to sustaining its unique culture while expanding its reach and influence in the fitness world.


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