2024 World’s Strongest Man Finals Event 2 “Max Axle Press” Results

The 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Final rolls on with Event Two, the “Max Axle Press,” on Saturday, May 4, 2024. The 10 WSM Finalists competed in the KNAACK Giants Medley earlier in the day, which showcased Evan Singleton’s intensity and speed; he ranked atop the leaderboard heading into the Max Axle Press.

2024 World’s Strongest Man Max Axle Press Results

The task was simple: establish the most reps with the heaviest axle press, which includes cleaning the axle barbell and pressing it overhead to lockout. When the judge gives the down command, the athlete must return the barbell to the floor under control.

Mitchell Hooper — 4 reps (210 kilograms) (T-first)

Tom Stoltman — 4 reps (210 kilograms) (T-first)

Pavlo Kordiyaka — 4 reps (200 kilograms)

Evan Singleton — 3 reps (190 kilograms) (T-fourth)

Austin Andrade — 3 reps (190 kilograms) (T-fourth)

Luke Stoltman — 3 reps (190 kilograms) (T-fourth)

Tristain Hoath — 2 reps (180 kilograms)

Matthew Ragg — 1 rep (170 kilograms)

Aivars Šmaukstelis — no lift

Wesley Derwinsky no lift

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The opening weight was 170 kilograms (375 pounds). Pavlo Kordiyaka converted the lift to open the event, but Aivars Šmaukstelis, who went second, declined to lift after approaching the bar. Luke Stoltman, Matthew Ragg, and Mitchell Hooper scored good opening lifts.

Tristan Hoath led the back half of the field with a good opening lift. Wesley Derwinsky bowed out without a successful lift and eight strongmen advanced to the round of 180 kilograms.

All but one athlete advanced through 180 kilograms. Matthew Ragg missed fell out and finished in eighth overall, while Hooper and Tom Stoltman chose to skip 180 kilograms. While conserving energy, the risk is athletes are only credited with their previous good lifts.

Seven strongmen attempted 190 kilograms (418 pounds). Tristain Hoath tapped out at this weight, leaving six to attempt 200 kilograms (440 pounds). Kordiyaka struggled somewhat but locked out the milestone weight.

Luke Stoltman pressed the 200-kilogram axle but failed to stabilize the lockout and dropped from the event. Hooper and Tom Stoltman were successful with 200 kilograms. Austin Andrade missed his attempt at 200 kilograms, as did Singleton, who caboosed the lineup as the overall leader entering the event.

Three strongmen remained in the round of 210 kilograms (462 pounds). The breeze from the Atlantic was welcomed by the remaining athletes and fans in attendance. Kordiyaka chose not to attempt, settling for a 200-kilogram lift and, at worst, a bronze finish in the event, though he was still offered heavier axle attempts since he had not yet missed a lift.

Hooper secured the lockout of 210 kilograms in dramatic fashion. Stoltman matched the drama, bringing the crowd to their feet during his lockout.

The bar was raised to 217.7 kilograms (480 pounds) — a world record weight. Hooper attempted first, but he missed. The referee offered Hooper another attempt for world record status, but Hooper could not convert the weight.

Kordiyaka and Tom Stoltman both waived world record attempts. That cemented Tom Stoltman and Hooper sharing first-place points in the event, boosting the former to the top of the overall leaderboard.

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