2024 World’s Strongest Man Finals Event 3 “Keg Toss” Results

Two-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Tom Stoltman led the nine other 2024 WSM Finalists after two events in Myrtle Beach, SC, on Saturday, May 4, 2024. The third and final event of the day was the Keg Toss for height. The previous time Tom Stoltman contested this event on the WSM stage, he pushed four-time WSM Brian Shaw to break the world record multiple times in 2021.

In this iteration of the event, Stoltman, Mitchell Hooper, and Wesley Derwinsky all pushed themselves to break Shaw’s previous world record by a single centimeter, clearing 7.76 meters to claim a tie to the world record.

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2024 World’s Strongest Man Results — Keg Toss

A 15-kilogram (33-pound) keg waited in front of a crossbar. Each strongman was challenged to toss the keg over the bar, which would increase in height each round. Athletes were eliminated if they failed to achieve a successful toss in the 60-second time allotted. Below are the results:

Tom Stoltman — 5 reps (7.76 meters) (T-first)

Mitchell Hooper — 5 reps (7.76 meters) (T-first)

Wesley Derwinsky — 5 reps (7.76 meters) (T-first)

Evan Singleton — 4 reps (7.5 meters)

Matthew Ragg — 3 reps (7 meters) (T-fifth)

Aivars Šmaukstelis — 3 reps (7 meters) (T-fifth)

Austin Andrade — 2 reps (6.5 meters) (T-seventh)

Luke Stoltman — 2 reps (6.5 meters) (T-seventh)

Tristain Hoath — 1 rep (6 meters)

Pavlo Kordiyaka — no toss

The strongmen each took turns with the keg, beginning with six meters (19 feet, 8 inches). The first to miss was Pavlo Kordiyaka of Ukraine. The nine other men all passed through.

The next height was 6.5 meters (21 feet, 4 inches). Hoath was the first athlete in the round to be eliminated. Luke Stoltman needed two tries but cleared the crossbar. Austin Andrade and Evan Singleton also took two attempts and cleared. Defending champion Mitchell Hooper and two-time winner Tom Stoltman made it look easy during their turns.

The crossbar was raised to seven meters (22 feet, 11.5 inches). Luke Stoltman and Austin Andrade were unable to clear the bar. Everyone else advanced. The remaining six athletes moved to the 7.5-meter (24 foot, 7 inch) height. It proved too much for Aivars Šmaukstelis and Matthew Ragg. 

That left four strongmen to attempt 7.76 meters (25 feet, 5 inches), which would break Brian Shaw’s world record by one centimeter. Wesley Derwinsky, Mitchell Hooper, Evan Singleton, and Tom Stoltman took aim. Derwinsky knocked it out on his first try, breaking Shaw’s record. Singleton couldn’t match him.

Hooper became the second Canadian to get the job done. Stoltman was the last to try and the third to break the record, leaving the fans to wonder what height would be next. 

After a meeting with the officials and remaining athletes, they moved the bar to 7.85 meters (25 feet, 9 inches). Stoltman came close twice, but no athlete cleared it.

One Day More

The first day of the 2024 WSM Final is complete, with one more day to go. On Sunday, May 5, the crowd will gather at Myrtle Beach to see strongman history. The 47th WSM contest winner will be determined after the following events:

Finals Event 4: Reign Total Body Fuel Conan’s Wheel — 10:00 AM

Finals Event 5: BFGoodrich Tires HD Terrain Deadlift — 12:00 PM

Finals Event 6: Atlas Stones — 3:00 PM

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Catch Up On The Action

If you’re not in Myrtle Beach, SC, to see how the events will unfold, fear not. BarBend will share all the news and updates throughout the competition. Stay tuned to see our up-to-the-minute leaderboard until we discover who will leave South Carolina as the 2024 WSM champion.

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