3 Strongmen Break Keg Toss World Record at 2024 World’s Strongest Man

The first day of the 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Final occurred on May 4, 2024. It was loaded with high-octane feats of strength, including a medley of yoke walks and frame carries, titanically heavy axle presses, and keg tosses that altered the record books.

The third of three events featured on Day One of the 2024 WSM Final was the Keg Toss. Three athletes tied for first place, all of whom cracked the previous Keg Toss world record set by four-time WSM champion Brian Shaw in 2021.

Wesley Derwinsky, Mitchell Hooper, and Tom Stoltman share the Keg Toss world record at a colossal height of 7.76 meters — one centimeter more than Shaw’s previous record.

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The Keg Toss event was a round-by-round event, meaning that the 10-athlete roster had to successfully convert keg tosses at set heights to advance to the next round. If an athlete failed at a certain height, they were eliminated.

Three athletes reached round five, which featured a bar height of 7.76 meters — one centimeter over the world record at the time held by Shaw. Derwinsky was the first to attempt the world record as he was earliest in the turn order due to his lower rank on the overall leaderboard. Hooper tossed second, and Tom Stoltman, who held the overall lead entering the event, tossed last.

Derwinsky did not appear intimidated by the world record height and wasted no time successfully raising the bar (pun intended). He eclipsed Shaw’s previous world record on his first attempt. Hooper and Tom Stoltman followed suit in turn order.

All three strongmen share the world record since they each successfully scored it on their first attempts. The bar was raised to 7.85 meters in the sixth round, but no one could clear it, though Stoltman was closest.

Crowning a Champion

The final day of the 2024 WSM is on Sunday, May 5, 2024. Three events await the WSM Finalists:

Finals Event 4: Reign Total Body Fuel Conan’s Wheel — 10:00 AM

Finals Event 5: BFGoodrich Tires HD Terrain Deadlift — 12:00 PM

Finals Event 6Atlas Stones — 3:00 PM

Note: All times are in EST.

Tom Stoltman maintains the overall lead by three points over Hooper, who sits in second. Evan Singleton is a half-point behind Hooper. With Austin Andrade 4.5 points off the podium in fourth place, the title of 2024 WSM is Stoltman’s to lose and Hooper’s or Singleton’s to rally.

Featured Image: Rich Storry / World’s Strongest Man

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