Brianny Terry Deadlifted 293 Kilograms (645.9 Pounds) For a New All-Time World Record

Powerlifter Brianny Terry has set another all-time world record in the deadlift in the 90KG Raw category.

Terry competed at the 2024 WRPF FQ Classic IV meet in Las Vegas, NV, on Sunday, May 5, 2024, and broke her previous all-time world record in the deadlift with a massive 293-kilogram (645.9-pound) lift. Check it out below, courtesy of Terry’s Instagram page:

Terry was on the platform with a weight belt and a singlet, assumed a sumo stance, and grabbed the barbell with a mixed grip. After a couple of slight tugs, she lowered her hips and began the attempt. The barbell rose quickly, and she stood tall while peering at the sky. She smiled even before the referee gave the down command. 

After Terry lowered the barbell to the floor, she looked to her right for the judges’ lights. Two whites and one red were shown on the screen, verifying a good lift. Joe Sullivan, another world-record-setting powerlifter, joined Terry in celebrating her new record.

Terry weighed into this meet at 85.7 kilograms (188.9 pounds). This concluded a day that resulted in a 678-kilogram (1,494-pound) total. Terry’s performance is below, as documented on LiftingCast.

2024 WRPF FQ Classic IV Results — Brianny Terry, 90KG | Raw

Squat  235 kilograms (518.1 pounds)

Bench Press — 150 kilograms (330 kilograms)

Deadlift — 293 kilograms (645.9 pounds)

Total — 678 kilograms (1,494 pounds)

This new record broke Terry’s previous record of 291 kilograms (641.6 pounds) set at the 2023 American Pro 2. Sam Rice also pulled the same weight on that day, but Terry was the lighter athlete, which resulted in her taking the record. Before that day, the record belonged to Sara Schiff, who had lifted 287 kilograms (632.7 pounds) at the 2021 Kern US Open.

Terry will compete as a pro bodybuilder in 2025. She earned her IFBB Pro League Women’s Physique card in the summer of 2023 at that year’s NPC USA Championships.

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