Humanaut Health Lands $8.7M for Longevity Clinics

Created by the co-founder of Restore Hyper Wellness, Humanaut is gearing up to expand its “health optimization” services across the US

Humanaut Health, an Austin–based health optimization and longevity clinic, has secured an $8.7 million seed investment to expand its clinics to major U.S. markets and support its regenerative, hormone and lifestyle medicine services.

The startup says investments are earmarked for clinic quality, digital health services and franchise expansion strategies. A concierge medicine service will first launch in early summer, while its first membership-based clinic is expected to open in Austin later this year before expanding across Texas and nationally. 

A waitlist has been created for early access.

Humanaut Health members can expect comprehensive testing with blood labs, body scans and fitness assessments and receive an optimal health plan that covers lifestyle, hormone and regenerative care, according to the Humanaut website. Individual coaching and digital tools will also be available.

The Kabech Fund led the seed round, which included participation from Midnight Venture Partners, the company’s founders, Tushara Dilanie and other strategic individual investors.

“I am thrilled about the interest we received and the impressive group of investors the round brought together,” said Jim Donnelly, Humanaut Health co-founder and CEO. A seasoned health and wellness entrepreneur, Donnelly is the co-founder of Restore Hyper Wellness.

“The level of talent and expertise behind the funding will accelerate our ability to scale and become the first nationwide provider of health optimization,” Donnelly added.

Humaunt’s expert approach to healthspan is led by chief medical officer Amy Killen, MD, a longevity physician and expert in hormone, sexual and skin health; chief of regenerative medicine Harry Adelson, ND, a naturopathic physician and regenerative cell medicine expert; and director of functional medicine Ernie Navarro, MD.

Longevity Is White-Hot

Hyper-personalized plans based on labs and longevity-supporting therapies are at a fever pitch. It’s a booming space, as franchise brands like Restore Hyper Wellness, Serotonin Centers and Next Health gain ground. Lindora, a chain of metabolic health clinics offering GLP-1s and hormone replacement therapies among its many services, has sold nearly 40 franchise licenses since Xponential Fitness recently acquired the brand. 

Even the gyms and health clubs have become spaces for health and longevity. Miora, Life Time’s new medical wellness and longevity clinic is seeing huge demand as it preps to scale, according to Life Time founder and CEO Bahram Akradi

Equinox has teamed up with Function Health to roll out an exclusive, $3000/month membership centered on biomarker testing and subsequent training that caters to members’ unique needs.

It’s a concept that appears to be catching on — Fitness SF, a Bay Area gym operator, recently partnered with InsideTracker for a similar program that uses lab results to inform training

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