Betty Aborah (63KG) Sets Unofficial IPF Raw Junior Deadlift Record with 228 Kilograms

Dutch Junior powerlifter Betty Aborah has been in action on the platform, taking part in the Koninklijke Nederlandse Krachtsport en Fitnessbond (KNKF) Dutch Junior Nationals on May 12, 2024. She has made waves with some colossal deadlifts in training, and took this opportunity to prove that she could do it on the platform when it counted.

Aborah had a great meet overall, going nine for nine and picking numerous national records. The final lift was something special — an unofficial International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Junior world record of 228 kilograms. Take a look at the lift below, courtesy of Aborah’s Instagram page:

Aborah deadlifts with a wide sumo stance and employs a hook grip, where the fingers wrap around the thumb and pin it against the barbell. These techniques suit her leverages well, as evidenced by her rapidly improving deadlift.

Using only a lifting belt to assist her, Aborah shook out her arms and set her foot position carefully. Once the pull started, the bar moved smoothly to lockout, with only a slight tremble of the left leg, telegraphing the required effort.

The referees awarded Aborah three white lights. She walked away the Junior national champion via perfect performance.

2024 KNKF Dutch Junior Powerlifting Championship Results — Betty Aborah, 63KG


155 kilograms

165.5 kilograms

175.5 kilograms

Bench Press

80 kilograms

85 kilograms

90 kilograms


205 kilograms

220.5 kilograms — unofficial IPF Junior World Record

228 kilograms — unofficial IPF Junior World Record

Total — 493.5 kilograms (505.5)

The current Junior deadlift world record in the 63KG class is 216 kilograms, set by Samantha Eugenie of France at the 2022 IPF Junior World Championships in Turkiye. However, this record seems to only stand until Aborah competes internationally.

Aborah stated on social media that she would not go all out at this meet. Nevertheless, she got within 10 kilograms of the Junior squat and Junior total world records and exceeded the Junior deadlift world record by 12 kilograms. This class’s Open deadlift world record is only three kilograms away.

Aborah is on the roster for the Euro Muscle Show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in July 2024 — a Junior powerlifting contest at the heart of a strength sports expo, with a sanction for IPF world records. It could be a great opportunity for Aborah to claim a world record before heading to Malta in August for the 2024 IPF Junior World Championships.

With her current rate of improvement, Aborah looks set to become a powerlifting star of the future. The total she has achieved here would have given her fifth place at the 2023 World Open Classic Powerlifting Championships, so she is not far off already. The 63KG class is now on notice — Aborah is on her way.

Featured image: @bettylifts on Instagram

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