2024 Optimum Classic Pro Bodybuilding Show Preview

The 2024 Optimum Classic Pro show is scheduled for Saturday, May 25, 2024, in Shreveport, LA. This event features six pro divisions, with over 60 athletes competing across all six shows. 

The winners of each contest will earn a 2024 Olympia qualification if they have not already qualified.

2024 Optimum Classic Pro Roster

The roster for all six divisions is below:

Classic Physique 

Kirk Anderson (United States)

Chibueze Anyasor (United States)

Harold Bright (United States)

Camilo Diaz (Colombia)

Derrican Franklin (United States)

Barry Irving (United States)

Hunter Lee (United States)

Eric Lisboa (Brazil)

Matt Orchard (Australia)

Lamar Shaw (United States)

Jorge Tabet (Spain)

Adam Thomas (United States)

Men’s Physique

Brandon Cantallops (United States)

Rhyan Clark (United States)

Drew Cullen (United States)

Darnell Dean (United States)

Bhaben Deori (India)

Tom Mcnamara (Australia)

Chevy Phillips (Canada)

Derrick Stevenson (United States)

Micah Thomas Jr. (United States)

Alexander Toplyn (United States)

Roy Williams (United States)

Frank Worley (United States)

Mike Wynn (United States)

Women’s Physique

Natalia Bystrova (Russia)

Luciana Esquilin (United States)

Susan Graham (United States)

Donna Jones (United States)

Katie Nyland (United States)

Hayley Perry (United States)

Vicky Tackett (United States)


Thais Cabrices-Werner (United States)

Gabriela Cadena (United States)

Madison Dinges (United States)

Bailey Gutierrez (United States)

Jessica Hamilton (United States)

Jessica Heath (United States)

Ashley Howells (United States)

Jennifer Johnson (United States)

Shana Malcolm (United States)

Monique Mealey (United States)

Deshane Price (United States)

Danielle Rose (United States)

Delaney Smallwood (United States)

Sarah Van Heiden (United States)

Aksana Yukhno (United States)


Gigi Amurao (United States)

Hope Andrews (United States)

Alessia Facchin (Italy)

Ashley Humiston (United States)

Ashley Kaltwasser (United States)

Luciana Santos (Brazil)

Sierra Swann (United States)

Stephanie Warden (United States)

Heidi Young (United States)


Madison Begley (United States)

Taylor Gartenmayer (United States)

Sheila Guidry (United States)

Chen Qi Liu (China)

Jasmine Payne (United States)

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Bikini Division Athletes to Watch

Below are the Bikini competitors likely to contend for the crown:

Ashley Kaltwasser

The Bikini division has nine competitors, but one is the all-time winningest athlete in IFBB Pro League history: Ashley Kaltwasser, who is seeking her 45th career pro win.

Kaltwasser is coming off a second-place finish to Aimee Leann Delgado at the 2024 Pittsburgh Pro. A three-time Bikini Olympia champion, Kaltwasser ranked third in the 2023 Bikini Olympia. Thus, Kaltwasser has already qualified for the 2024 Olympia. If she wins in Shreveport, no Olympia qualification will be awarded.

Alessia Facchin

Alessia Facchin won this contest in 2021 and needs a pro win to qualify for the 2024 Olympia. She has been on the Olympia stage every year since 2020—her best Olympia finish was 14th in 2021.

Facchin’s most recent pro show win was at the 2023 Orchid Pro. She is coming off a 15th-place finish at the 2024 Pittsburgh Pro.

Luciana Santos

Luciana Santos finished the 2024 New York Pro in sixth place — a big step forward. Some experts see Santos as a rising star in the pro ranks. Facing Olympia-caliber athletes like Kaltwasser and Facchin will help her gain the necessary experience and gauge how many physique adjustments might be needed to seal a pro show gold.

Featured Image: @ashleykfit on Instagram

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