Sency Transforms the Fitness Market With AI Motion Tracking

Sency’s SDK allows fitness brands to offer AI-powered motion analysis inside their apps, offering users a level of personalization and real-time feedback that’s poised to change the industry

Sency is the first tech company to succeed in bringing the added value of AI motion analysis to more than a million members and many companies. 

Revolutionizing the fitness industry with groundbreaking artificial intelligence-powered motion tracking technology and redefining global fitness movement benchmarks, Sency helps users understand human movement like never before, heralding a new era in fitness personalization and innovation.

“Sency’s AI technology holds immense potential for shaping the future of fitness,” said Sency co-founder and CBO Adam Grinker. “From gyms to mobile apps, health and wellness facilities, and even workplace fitness programs, motion analysis will permeate every aspect of the fitness landscape.”

Adam Grinker (credit: Sency)

The Power of AI Motion Tracking

Sency’s technology is already making waves in the industry. Tens of companies with over 1.5 million members have implemented Sency’s AI motion tracking, benefiting from its swift one-day integration process. 

For instance, Sency’s technology helped the #1 training recording app for CrossFitters achieve 300% revenue growth. Additionally, a top-5 health and fitness app observed a 15% higher workout completion rate, while healthcare organizations and employee engagement platforms reported 270% better engagement rates compared to fitness app benchmarks.

Sency’s SDK allows fitness platforms to integrate its technology within just one day. 

“Thanks to the ease of integration, our partners can access AI motion analysis almost immediately,” Grinker said. “Our movement brain, which has analyzed over 2 million skeletons from fitness, health, and physiotherapy domains, provides unparalleled insights and data to each of our partners”

credit: Sency

A Personalized Experience for Everyone & Every Goal

Recognizing the shift in consumer demands driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sency delivers highly personalized training experiences

“Nowadays, everyone, from Gen-Z to the elderly, wants to work out whenever and wherever they want, and they expect their workouts to be tailored to their specific needs,” Grinker explained.

Sency’s Fitness AI assessments engage users in various functional movements, measuring posture, counting reps, giving real-time feedback, and calculating a fitness score. This precise analysis helps users understand their strengths, risks, and areas for improvement, leading to more effective, customized workout plans. 

Sency’s motion-tracking tech adds a layer of personalization and precision unmatched by other methods. 

“Many platforms offer generic content based on user questionnaires, but this approach has limitations,” Grinker said. “Sency’s AI assessments provide immediate, accurate analysis based on real-time comparisons with our gold standards and ever-optimizing demographic segmentations held in our movement brain. This ensures exercises are conducted with proper form, reducing injury risk and keeping users engaged.”

For business owners, this means an unprecedented understanding of their members, enabling data-backed decisions that skyrocket key metrics like acquisition, engagement and retention. 

Empowering Gyms & Coaches with AI

Thanks to partnerships with gym management platforms, remote coaching platforms, and boutique facilities, fitness coaches also benefit from Sency’s technology. 

“Gyms can streamline operations with professional, quick, and objective inductions for new members,” Grinker said. “It enhances remote coaching capabilities and continuously adapts training plans to individual needs. Members achieve their goals more effectively, enjoy varied and safe routines, and receive personalized attention even when training remotely.”

credit: Sency

Success Stories Prove Sency’s Impact

Fitness apps like WODProof integrating Sency’s AI technology have reported up to 10x revenue growth, showcasing the transformative impact of the brand’s solutions. 

The secret? Sency recommends new partners start with an A/B test to see the clear benefits of its quick-to-implement AI integration, which consistently delivers impressive results.

“Sency’s partners have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback,” Grinker said. “With Sency, the future of fitness is personalized, precise, and empowering for all.”

Sency isn’t just keeping up with the fitness industry’s evolution; it’s leading the charge, transforming how fitness is experienced worldwide. The company’s goal is to set new standards in understanding human movement and, most importantly, make cutting-edge AI technology accessible to everyone.

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