Bodybuilder Seth Feroce’s 7 Go-To Arm-Building Training Tips

Former professional bodybuilder Seth Feroce may no longer compete but maintains remarkable shape. In late May, Feroce shared his arm day session on his YouTube channel, featuring his seven go-to exercises for hypertrophy. 

Seth Feroce’s Arm-Building Workout & Training Tips

Below is a breakdown of the arm workout: 

Warm-up: Seated Cable Curl & Triceps Pushdown

Hammer Curl

Triceps Pushdown 

Preacher Curl

Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl

Overhead Cable Curl

Watch the session in the video below:

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1 & 2. Warm-up: Seated Cable Curl & Triceps Pushdown 

Feroce consumed a protein shake before his workout began with his preferred 10-15 minute warm-up, which promotes a pump before initiating his working sets. It should be no surprise, warming up can significantly enhance an athlete’s exercise performance. (1)

He utilized the cable machine to perform unilateral seated cable curls for the warm-up. “I like cables as a warm-up because it’s constant tension to move blood…wake up the biceps. I prefer these over dumbbells because of the constant tension, and lightweight doesn’t beat your sh*t up,” expresses Feroce. 

Feroce transitions to triceps pushdowns, highlighting the advantages of using cable machines for muscle activation and enhancing blood flow before tackling free weight exercises. He shared a personal technique preference: flaring the elbows to target the long triceps head. To achieve well-defined shoulders, Feroce raises his shoulders and flares his elbows.

3 & 4. Hammer Curl & Triceps Pushdown

Feroce picked up dumbbells for alternating hammer curls. He prefers beginning his arm workouts with this exercise because it’s a heavy isolation movement, providing a squeeze for the biceps and forearms. Feroce activates the triceps by performing the triceps press down with a V-bar attachment with his back against the cable railing for support. 

5. Preacher Curl

Feroce incorporates controlled eccentrics during preacher curls, meticulously slowing his repetitions by four to five seconds. His goal is to achieve a tight squeeze during each curl This method ensures constant tension on the muscles, fostering muscle growth and strength.

Feroce pauses for about 10 seconds during drop sets to allow for blood circulation before proceeding with another repetition. He refers to these pauses as “intensifiers.”

6 & 7. Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl & Overhead Cable Curl

Feroce takes to the bench to execute seated dumbbell curls, transitioning from a neutral to a supinated grip. He incorporates more triceps extensions with a slight hip hinge to manage heavier loads. He trains to failure with incline curls. (2)

When tackling overhead cable curls, Feroce introduces isometric holds to intensify the tension on his biceps. Following specific biceps-focused exercises, Feroce employs a technique inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s classic bodybuilding methods, rotating the dumbbells to promote blood circulation. 


Feroce engages in seven exercises, including his warm-up. His strategies for building his arms are:

Warm up until your muscles are fully engaged and pumped.

Employ cable machines to maintain constant tension on the muscles, promoting growth.

Begin with isolation exercises for the biceps.

Utilize controlled negatives.

Add short rest intervals between sets to encourage blood circulation.

Isometric holds increase muscular tension and can improve mind-muscle connection


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Featured image: @sethferoce on Instagram

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