Jonathan Henningsson (93KG) Raw Bench Presses an IPF Junior World Record of 225.5 Kilograms

Swedish bench specialist Jonathan Henningsson competed on May 25, 2024, at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Bench Press Championships (WBC), and he put in a phenomenal performance in the Junior 93KG class.

Henningsson won his first Junior World title in Sun City, South Africa, at the 2023 WBC. He was in the 83KG class at that contest but moved to the 93KG class this year, and it certainly seems to suit him, judging by his recent performance in Austin, TX, where he posted a new IPF Junior raw bench press world record of 225.5 kilograms.

Henningsson unracked the barbell rather than relying on the assistance of the platform crew. Some lifters find that this overcomes the variability of handouts from someone they haven’t trained with before, as the IPF does not allow personal coaches onto the platform to lift the barbell out of the rack.

Henningsson used wrist wraps and a lifting belt to help stabilize his bench press. Once he had the bar at arm’s length, he received the start command from the center referee and took the bar to his chest. The press-out was clean and easy, indicating he had much more left in the tank.

2024 IPF World Bench Press Championship Results — Jonathan Henningsson (Sweden), Junior 93KG

Bench Press

212.5 kilograms

222 kilograms — IPF Junior World Record

225.5 kilograms — IPF Junior World Record

The record is impressive, achieved amid a pitched battle with Canadian lifter Jeremie Caron. Henningsson led from the start, with Caron only 2.5 kilograms behind in the first round. Caron was then the first to break the world record with 221.5 kilograms for his second lift, only to see it eclipsed by Henningson’s 222-kilogram press.

Caron selected 225 kilograms in the final round but didn’t quite lock it out. Henningsson then broke the Junior world record for the second time in the session with 225.5 kilograms.

As this is Henningsson’s final year in the Junior category, which covers the age range of 19 to 23, he won’t get many more opportunities to push this record further. However, he is expected to compete at the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Bench Press Championships (EBP) in Istanbul, Turkey, in August 2024. We might see him extend his Junior record again at that event.

Featured image: @theipf on Instagram

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