Concept2 Is More Than Just a Rowing Brand, It’s a Cardio Powerhouse

Concept2 continues to facilitate cardio to the masses in creative and engaging formats that make it an industry leader

Concept2 may be best known for rowing, but the brand knows no boundaries when it comes to cardio. The fitness manufacturer’s RowErgs, SkiErgs and BikeErgs combine to offer a unique, highly effective and engaging take on the timeless exercise modality, backed by decades of competition-level expertise.

“Our Concept2 RowErgs, SkiErgs and BikeErgs complement each other well,” said Greg Hammond of Concept2’s Marketing Team. “Nothing is left out.” 

The brand’s trifecta of machines all feature adjustable flywheel technology and a performance monitoring system to ensure a smooth and efficient cardio workout whether pedaling or pulling. All three machines also include the brand’s new engagement-driving ErgData app, which allows  exercisers to view customized stats, track progress and enjoy daily challenges all from their smartphone

“We are always working on some way to make our existing products better or come up with something we think is missing in our own training,” said Hammond. “This philosophy has not changed since day one almost 50 years ago. If we come up with something that meets our own high standards the fitness community will take notice and involve us where they see fit. This is how it has always worked for us.”

The Versatility of Rowing, Skiing & Biking 

While Concept2’s equipment is cardio-based, the brand’s machines also tap into the rise of functional training by supporting HIIT and CrossFit workouts. 

“People have busy lives, and everyone is trying to be time efficient in their training,” said Hammond. “If your choice of cardio machine has the ability to increase muscular adaptation and build strength as well as increase cardio, it’s a win-win.”

Greg Hammond (credit: Concept2)

Concept2 RowErgs and SkiErgs include several joint angles from ankles to shoulders. They can be used for longer zone 2 cardio workouts but can also be dropped into formats for HIIT, circuit training or CrossFit WODS. The BikeErg has a wide drag load range, allowing it to simulate riding up a mountain trail, spinning along on pavement with a skinny tire road bike and anywhere in between depending on where you set the damper. 

“The excitement comes with the infinite number of workouts you can make up utilizing the ergs,” said Hammond. “With the BikeErg for example, you can do short, high-intensity bursts that will crush the quads like you were doing weighted lunges, but it’s also there for you if you want to do an hour ride at a moderate heart rate. It’s the versatility of the ergs that allows them to be ‘plug and play’ with most gym chains, home gyms and personal trainers.”

Equipment as a Personalization Tool 

Concept2’s versatility makes its equipment applicable to the masses. The machines fit needs and generate results for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts, including those at entirely different ends of the spectrum with entirely different goals.

“In training, we are looking to cause adaptation or a change to get a certain result,” said Hammond. “Everyone has their own journey. It could be stress relief for mental health or it could be to make it to the NFL or the Olympics. The most successful piece of equipment is one that people will use on a regular basis and get their desired results.”

credit: Concept2

“If you can get someone the results they aspire to on a piece of equipment then that typically becomes their favorite piece of equipment,” he added. “As equipment manufacturers, we have to meet the people where they are starting from. A person’s goal could be to lose 10 pounds and generally just get moving, but that same machine should also work for the person trying to get ready for military service, trying out for a professional team or recovering from illness.”

Concept2’s machines also store without difficulty; wheels are attached to BikeErgs, RowErgs and on the optional SkiErg floor stand, which makes them easy to move around a gym floor, for example. The machines require no external powering, making them versatile in terms of their application to a gym floor.

“Our founders are amazing engineers but also athletes,” said Hammond. “They wanted something that would be tough, last forever, incredibly accurate for competition and could be moved anywhere with no need to be plugged in—all for a fair price. These attributes are what make it a good fit. Gyms can afford to have multiple ergs, they can be moved around the gym easily and are durable so don’t have to replace expensive motors.”

Proof of Concept at the Highest Level 

Gyms that install Concept2 equipment are giving their members access to the same machines used by some of the world’s best. 

The fitness community didn’t take long to recognize the great care Concept2 puts into its equipment. The brand has supplied indoor rowing racing since 1982, including events such as the World Rowing Indoor Championships.

credit: Concept2

Concept2 has also supplied the CrossFit Games since its inception in 2007, with RowErgs for participants to perform short and long-distance rowing feats. SkiErgs were programmed into competitions in 2016 followed by BikeErgs in 2018. 

Newer organizations and events recognize the brand’s equipment’s usefulness as well. HYROX, the fast-growing fitness racing brand, recently added RowErgs and SkiErgs to its indoor, group fitness competitions. 

“Everyone here at Concept2 loves competition as well as a good party, and all three of these major events are just that,” Hammond said of the World Rowing Indoor Championships, CrossFit Games and HYROX races. “It is our commitment to accuracy and durability that make our ergs attractive to competitions that are looking to test human performance. Feedback has always been positive with athletes, except for the burning lungs and muscles. It’s all smiles once that goes away.”

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