SoulCycle Celebrates Community at First-Ever Wellness Weekend in the Hamptons

The Wellness Weekend was a holistic health playground, pairing SoulCycle’s cult-favorite indoor cycling workout with next-gen recovery experiences

SoulCycle hosted its inaugural Wellness Weekend at its Bridgehampton Barn studio, an event that celebrated the cult-favorite indoor cycling brand’s longtime presence in the Hamptons and included a lineup of health and beauty partners including Allyoos, Ject, Hyperice and Athletic Brewing Company. 

This past weekend, from June 21-23, participants took an energizing SoulCycle class in the historic Barn studio, which has the quintessential Hamptons charm in an indoor-outdoor wooden building.

“Our team knew we wanted to do something special to thank some of our most loyal riders,” Doug Leonard, vice president of partnerships and strategic initiatives at SoulCycle, told Athletech News. “We thought, ‘What better way to thank our community than to create a one-stop weekend wellness experience?’”

credit: SoulCycle

“Our vision for Wellness Weekend was to create an experience where our riders can get an incredible workout, enjoy premium wellness treatments, and soak up the sun all in one place,” Leonard added. “It was really important to touch on all aspects of wellness – mind, body, and soul – which you see reflected in our partners who are popping up at Wellness Weekend.” 

Brand Activations With a Purpose

While the class took place inside, brand partners were set up on a surrounding wraparound deck. Allyoos, a clean haircare brand, had a bun bar, where riders could slick back their hair in a mask before or after class. Skincare brand Ject provided free mini facials, while medical concierge service Dr. Hamptons provided energizing B-12 shots. Athletic Brewing Company provided celebratory alcohol-free beverages. 

Hyperice notably had their famous Normatec boots on site. Sammy Cothern, a senior instructor at SoulCycle, says she plans to integrate Normatec boots and the brand’s Zero Gravity Chair into her recovery routine.

“As a fitness trainer, recovery is one of the most important components of my overall routine,” Cothern told ATN. “I am always looking for new ways to maximize my recovery to get the best out of my body every day.” I look forward to incorporating Hyperice’s Normatec boots and gravity chairs into my recovery routine.”

Skincare treatment at SoulCycle’s Wellness Weekend in the Hamptons

‘Come for the Workout, Stay for the Community’

Leonard notes that SoulCycle has always championed the importance of holistic health, and the Wellness Weekend embodied that commitment.

“It’s no secret that consumers’ definition of wellness continues to evolve and expand across physical, mental, and spiritual health,” Leonard said. “Since we were founded, SoulCycle has always championed the importance of mind-body-soul connection, and our workouts are designed to strengthen all three areas. Finding like-minded partners for experiences like Wellness Weekend is a great way for us to do that in a way that feels fitting for riders heading out East.” 

The Barn interior (credit: SoulCycle)

SoulCycle says it plans to continue creating new and exciting moments to support its community’s wellness goals.

“At SoulCycle, we often say that our riders come for the workout and stay for the community. Our signature mind-body-soul indoor cycling experience will continue to be at the center of who we are as a brand,” Leonard shared. “That said, we’re always looking for new ways to support our community’s broader wellness goals, and we have more exciting moments planned this year to do just that.” 

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